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Welcome to AO Biologix, where we believe in revisiting the past to shape a healthier future. We operate as a biological pharmaceutical company, meaning we employ naturally occurring substances and pharmacologic pathways to enhance your health and wellbeing. Our area of expertise? Antioxidants.

Intro to AO Biologix by Dan Purser mD

Former NFL Player Devin Smith shows how he uses SERUM X

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Dan Purser MD

Right now this is the best product you can use on the planet for pain relief as it is not a narcotic nor is it addicting. You’ll realize it treats a lot of painful areas you have. Don’t be afraid to try it everywhere or anywhere!


I've faced some wicked pain recently that left me being told that I would likely spend more than a year on a walker. I started with SERUM X applied several times a day and now I'm down to once or twice a day! My background is in internal medicine and addiction and I believe that this is going to be a huge player in pain management as I personally experienced. I fully endorse this product!


I have been using SERUM X on a number of my patients over the last several months. I can’t believe how well it works on pain, especially acute injuries. I really enjoy having this product in my office for patients. There is no smell or residue to the product and patients feel a fast sense of relief.



In 2015, I was injured playing in the NFL. Since the injury, I experienced random knee pains, especially during the winter months. Since using SERUM X, my knee pains are few and far between. SERUM X has been my go-to pain relief product because the pain goes away so quickly. Looking back at all the injuries I experienced and had to play through during my football career, SERUM X would have been the solution instead of pills that can be damaging to my kidneys and liver. Since using SERUM X, I haven’t had to use anything else.

Bailey Woodward

When I prepare for my bodybuilding competitions, recovery is how I push myself to compete at the highest level. SERUM X has cut my recovery time in half giving me the chance to workout harder and longer by addressing those minor aches and pains. Anyone who wants to improve their performance whether it's for competition or shedding those pesky pounds, SERUM X should be a daily part of your life!

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