Antioxidants are powerful healers as they help restore and stabilize every cell in the body. Some antioxidants are so powerful at restoring health and wellness they are considered super antioxidants.

These antioxidants have a serious problem if they are not stored and delivered properly leading to oxidation which strips the potency of their healing ability – even super antioxidants.

As a physician treating all kinds of ailments, Dan Purser MD spent decades searching for super antioxidant products that would give his patients the results they desperately needed. He found the available products weren’t delivered in a way keeping the antioxidants pure and potent. Instead of being the powerful healers he knew them to be, his patients were still suffering.

Watching patients suffer from shingles, arthritis and countless other painful and debilitating conditions, Dr. Purser finally decided that, if he couldn’t find products that would make a real difference in his patients’ health, he would create them himself.

Dan Purser MD knew how difficult it would be to maintain super antioxidants in their pure and potent state. So he teamed up with biotechnology engineer, Stephen Pitcher. Stephen had decades of expertise developing and patenting delivery systems that could maintain antioxidant purity.

Together, this physician-bioengineer duo developed premium super antioxidant products that brought life-changing relief. AO Biologix was formed to deliver the healing benefits of super antioxidants through patented delivery technologies that maintain their efficacy and potency.

Meet the Physician & Engineer Behind Shingular

Dan Purser MD | Chief Medical Officer & Creator

Dan Purser MD works with older patients, treating complex medical conditions that cause severe pain and dramatically decrease their quality of life. He sees the benefits of glutathione in supporting antioxidant activity, detoxification and immune function every day in his practice. Joining forces with Stephen Pitcher, he is able to deliver GSH in a viable form that can raise natural levels of GSH in the blood helping his patients increase their needed glutathione levels.


Stephen Pitcher | Engineer & Formulator

Stephen Pitcher, Founder and President of Scientific Technology Development, utilizes his extensive expertise in topical anti-aging solutions, wound healing, and new device technologies. Literally a rocket scientist, he knows technology can solve the limitations of other glutathione products. It requires developing patented and patent-pending technology, but together these two innovators give their patients a way to stop the suffering.