The Stages, Signs & Symptoms of Shingles

The Stages, Signs & Symptoms of Shingles

When people get shingles, they experience an excruciating, debilitating pain unlike anything else. An itchy red rash turns to fiery blisters that often run along nerves, adding nerve pain to the itching, burning and stabbing pain that Shingles cause. In fact, shingles is the number one cause of suicide in adults 65+. With affects this severe, it’s not ok to have a doctor say, “You’ll just have to deal with it. The virus has to run its course.” Just deal with it is not an acceptable solution.

Every person suffering with shingles deserves a topical solution that soothes and speeds the skin's natural renewal process. Shingles is caused by the chickenpox virus (varicella zoster). While the virus may lie dormant in the body for decades, it often reactivates as adults age, infecting one in three adults over age 50 with Shingles. Unlike younger adults and children who get Shingles, older adults no longer produce enough of a critical substance called glutathione. As a result, older adults with insufficient glutathione in their skin often suffer much longer than the 14-day period common in younger people. In fact, older adults can suffer for years with conditions like shingles. With severe skin irritation, simply relieving pain is not enough. Adults need to support their skin's natural renewal processes. Unlike temporary pain relief, Shingular soothes and renews the skin for lasting benefits.

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