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Meet Serum X

The Future of Pain Relief Is Here

SERUM X unites pharmaceutical pain relief with cosmetic science. Designed by a medical doctor and a rocket scientist, this potent formulation combines the anesthetic effects of lidocaine with the antioxidant properties of superoxide dismutase to achieve pain relief and skin conditioning unlike any before. Keeping the formula away from air (oxygen specifically) and with a perfectly balanced pH designed to absorb into skin, SERUM X is ready to deliver a safe, effective and odorless pain-relieving experience. In mere minutes, if not sooner, feel relief like never before.

The standards of “pain relief” must be elevated.

True Relief is Attainable

Pleasant, odorless, and fast-acting. SERUM X is a pharmaceutical-grade topical pain relief gel engineered to combat body aches and pains, minor burns, skin irritation, stings, and bites. SERUM X is an FDA Registered OTC pain medication and is not an NSAID or CBD product.

Learn how SERUM X helps Devin Smith (NFL star) manage his pain and live life to the fullest.


older happy male doctor with black glasses smiling kindly at the camera in a scrub top

Dan Purser MD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer of AO Biologix

Dan Purser MD works with many patients, treating complex medical conditions that cause severe pain and dramatically decrease their quality of life. He sees the benefits of Super-Antioxidants in supporting detoxification and immune function every day in his practice.

Stephen Pitcher

Founder and Chief Development Officer of AO Biologix

Stephen Pitcher utilizes his extensive expertise in topical anti-aging solutions, wound healing, and new device technologies. Literally a rocket scientist, he knows technology can solve the limitations of other pain products available on the market.

athletic woman holding out a bottle of SERUM X to a male gym goer ready to share unmatched relief

Proven by Thousands of Patients Worldwide

Over two years of clinical testing led to thousands of patients finding relief from many forms of pain and discomfort. SERUM X tackles the ailing sensations of pain at a cellular level to provide relief unlike any other product in the world.

Experience Relief
SERUM X Pain Relief Gel
SERUM X Pain Relief Gel
SERUM X Pain Relief Gel

SERUM X Pain Relief Gel

OTC & FDA Registered. Pleasant, fast-acting, topical pain relief unlike any other. You've tried the rest - now try the best!
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  • Experience fast-acting, pharmaceutical-grade pain relief
  • Innovative, patent pending super-antioxidant formula proven by doctors of medicine 
  • Clinically designed & studied by holistic medical doctors
  • Rapidly restore physical well-being & ability upon application
  • Odorless, easy-spread gel designed for active adults

The only topical pain reliever you need for:

  • Back, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, legs, knees, feet
  • Aches and pains
  • Minor burns
  • Skin irritation
  • Stings and insect bites