A Safe and Effective Pain Relief?

A Safe and Effective Pain Relief?

Hello Everyone, 

Dan Purser MD here. 

Just over a year ago we created a biologics pharmaceutical company based on the idea that antioxidants can be handled in a better way and boy did we see AMAZING results. We named the company AO Biologix, AO short for antioxidants (creative, huh?). We created it around the first SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT ever handled properly — our VARS LIPOSOMAL GLUTATHIONE.

SERUM X is our newest SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT and it gets rid of pain…like WOW that’s incredible.

If you FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK , you already know its benefits, efficacy, and capabilities. Through many preclinical trials, we saw that it sometimes dramatically impacted narcotics and opioid use. I’m not surprised often, but I was shocked when trial recipients kicked the PAINKILLERS that other doctors had given them, and preferred our SERUM X instead!

SERUM X, an FDA REGISTERED OVER THE COUNTER or OTC pain gel, comes with no high, no buzz, no addiction, no kidney problems, no liver effects, no cardiovascular risks, and no mental effects, it just simply works (MAGIC!!!)

Just so you don’t sue us, we have to be clear, it in no way affects opioid addiction or alleviates the addiction potential of opioids. Addiction is a serious medical problem that should be carefully dealt with by experts in the addiction field (I’M A GENIUS BUT NO ADDICTION EXPERT). But using SERUM X gave MANY patients in our trials a safe and clean option instead of using opioids.

When you’ve tried the rest, try the BEST pain relief gel on the market NOW!

Try SERUM X Today

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